my happy place.

Happiness is…

A thunderstorm at night. The calming sounds and aura of the ocean. Missing a call from my mama to hear a voice mail saying ‘hi, it’s me, just checking in on you.’ The look Maverick Moose gives me when he decides he doesn’t want to sit alone anymore, then yawns, stretches and crawls into my lap. Graceland — one of the most inspiring and amazing trips I’ve taken. Sunglasses and sunshine. Music.  Finding your soulmate and knowing the date you met, your life instantly got brighter, better and more beautiful.  Hooded sweatshirts and the cool, crisp air of fall, as the leaves show off the colors of a raging fire.   The kindhearted gesture of a stranger. Receiving a smile [because no matter what, it’s impossible not to smile back].  Being able to call my daddy for any disaster I’m facing and him always, ALWAYS having the answer.  The feeling you get after a great workout.  Five o’clock on a Friday.  One o’clock on a Sunday in the fall. Christmas bells, Christmas music, Christmas cards, Christmas trees, Christmas air.  Answered prayers.  Friends — moving so many times and being forced to start from scratch so many times has left me blessed with so many amazing additions to my life.  Traveling overseas [OK, I have no idea if this is actually happiness since I’ve never gotten to do it. But the daily thoughts about SOMEDAY getting to do it is enough to make me happy].  Daydreaming.  Pinterest. Getting letters in the mail.  That feeling you get before boarding a plane to someplace fabulous. Hand-written notes.   Hugs from my grandma.  The inside of a Catholic cathedral.  Fresh manicures.  Adventures.  Learning something new.  Sunrises.  Bike rides.  Art.  Eternal love.

Happiness is…all around.



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