mission minus thirty.

It’s day one of an 18 week makeover.  Mission Minus Thirty.

I’ve never been one to write about fitness or weight loss, but my thinking is simple.  If I document these next four months, I’ll have to hold myself accountable.  Because who wants to write a blog about failing at your goal?  My mission at hand is pretty straightforward.

Drop 30 pounds by May 1, 2015.

I have a couple partners in crime who on on similar missions.  Robyn came up with my timetable.  I have no idea how easy or hard it will be to lose 30 pounds in four months.  It equates to 1.666666 pounds a week.  But I think attaching a weekly number to this will be my downfall.  Typically when I begin a new weight loss challenge, the pounds are slow to come off — to the point I usually end up giving up, probably right as it’s starting to work.   So I’m going to try really hard not to get discouraged, and just see what the scale says on Day 124.

The demands:

  • no sweets
  • no junkfood
  • no soda
  • no beer [well, my personal trainer says I can have two beers a week]
  • limited bread

I plan to incorporate pieces of various diets, like this one:



The method:

  • Plan ahead
  • Prepare meals in advance
  • Record intake

I find that writing things down really helps keep me focused and hold myself accountable.  So I found a weekly template I will use to schedule my meals for the week and take to the grocery store to make sure I have everything I need.

IMG_8646 (1)


While I’ve come to learn much of this is about what you’re eating, it is also vital to exercise.  I’ve been working out with my personal trainer since September.  And while I’ve noticed small changes, I know the big stuff won’t happen until I implement a better diet.  I also plan to step up my activity.

The workout:

  • Personal training sessions 3x week [Monday, Wednesday, Friday]
  • Cardio 2-3x week [running or elliptical]


My motivation is the mirror.  For so long, I have not been happy with my reflection.  It is time to do something about it.  Today, my trainer took a few snapshots of me to document the beginning of this new journey.  I absolutely don’t like what I see.  But my fate is in my hands.


FullSizeRender (1)


My trainer’s motto is “I can.  I will.  I must.”  The only thing holding me back…is me.  I look forward to documenting my progress.  I look even more forward to seeing the results.  I welcome any tips, tricks, suggestions, meals and motivation.

Here goes Mission Minus Thirty.



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