about kristen anderson.

This is my journey.  These are my dreams.


I’m a retired television news anchor/reporter, currently residing in sunny Jax, ,FL. I am a wife, cat- and dog-mom, Elvis fanatic and inspiration-seeker. Stepping to the beat of my own drum; maintaining a personal style that’s just a bit off; constantly working toward a better self. Beyond all else, I am a dream chaser.

. . .

I’m just a Cleveland girl with a big heart wandering my way through life with my eyes wide open.  Life has been a crazy journey.  But I’ve learned along the way just to hang on tight and enjoy every minute of the ride.

Every part of my journey has made me the person I am today.

[please note: the words published in this blog reflect my personal opinions and not that of my employer, company or co-workers.]


what did you think?

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